The Heart of the Desert by Avi Friede
  • Author: Avi Friede
  • Language: English
  • Category: uncategorized

The Heart of the Desert

A magical exploration of love, parenthood, and devotion following the story of a fractured family desperately trying to reconnect in the heart of the Arabian Desert.


Aviam Edelman is a man reshaped by circumstance. After years of unemployment and discontent turn him sullen and volatile, he seizes an unexpected opportunity for a fresh start: traveling the world with his wife and their autistic fourteen-year-old son.


Hoping for a future that transcends the fractures in their family, Devorah follows her husband all the way to the Amirite desert. Their son, Dor, who hasn’t spoken a word since the day he was born, is caught between his mother’s overbearing care and his distancing relationship with his insecure father.


In the vast expanse of Abu Dhabi, the Edelmans find an unexpected companion and an even more surprising closeness to each other. But even as passions rekindle amid the ancient dunes, so do the tensions within when Aviam and Devorah’s newfound love conflicts with their very different approach to their son. Embarking on an uncertain odyssey of revelation and rediscovery, Aviam, Deborah, and Dor face the foreign and the mysterious as they journey through the heart of the desert.

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