The Girl From Terezin: A WW2 Holocaust Survival True Story
  • Author: Hana Sternlicht
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

The Girl From Terezin: A WW2 Holocaust Survival True Story

“We were finally standing at the train station in Mauthausen. In front of us, there was a notorious steep path toward the camp. There, for the first time since my arrival at Terezin, I was certain that my end was near, that I couldn’t endure anymore…”

December, 1942. Carrying what little possessions she was allowed to keep, twelve-year-old Hana Sternlicht waits in the freezing European winter for the train that will take her away from the only home she ever knew. She had heard rumors of her destination, but nothing would prepare her for what she would endure when they arrived. Nothing could have prepared her for Theresienstadt – the ghetto in the heart of Terezin.

For two long years, Terezin will test Hana’s spirit and resolve. Surrounded by hunger, sickness, and death, Hana finds shelter in a Heim – a girl’s house operating discreetly under the ruthless German guards. But when Jews begin to disappear into crowded freight trains, never to be seen again, Hana knows that her time in Terezin is over – though her journey of survival has only just begun.

Based on the incredible true story of Holocaust survivor Hana Sternlicht, The Girl From Terezin takes readers on her unbelievable journey through some of the most horrifying concentration camps of Eastern Europe – perfect for fans of Adiva Geffen and The Boy From Block 66.

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