The Freedom to Choose
  • Author: Masha Halevi
  • Language: English
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The Freedom to Choose

Are we truly destined to live in one happy relationship, till death do us part?

Many believe that somewhere out there is our one and only soulmate, and that our love cannot be given to more than one person at a time. This is what we have been taught, but is it true?

The Freedom to Choose is a brave book that broaches questions every person, and certainly every couple, should ask themselves. Masha Halevi (PhD), a couples’ mediator, counselor and an expert on alternative relationships has decided to take a different path.

Following 15 monogamous years with her husband, she is still happily married but has another loving partner for the past 8 years. She has used her rich personal and professional experiences as a researcher and therapist to help countless couples considering unconventional ways of life with important questions relevant to anyone’s life:

*Does a committed relationship have to contradict freedom, excitement and adventure?

*Does a marriage have to be dissolved as soon as one finds themselves attracted to someone else, in love with someone else, or even no longer attracted to their spouse?

*Why are we expected to be monogamous if this is so hard for so many people at a certain point?

*How does one deal with fear and jealousy, which seem to be an inseparable part of non-monogamous relationships?

*Is there a way to conduct conscious and truly free monogamy?

This book attempts to challenge these assumptions and aims to radically alter the way we think about relationships.

Freedom begins with the freedom to choose.

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