the folly of life

The Folly of Life

Treasure Every Word!

“I can hardly imagine you falling asleep while reading, but if you do, the proverbs are bound to color your dreams”

“The folly of life” is a book of proverbs containing original sayings by Michael F. Kaufmann. This is his third book in this genre, written – upon request, after the success of his first two books.

Smile if you can, laugh if can’t

“The folly of life” presents an ironic and funny outlook on the true nature of life. It addresses a number of different disciplines which will widen and enrich the readers’ perspective on reality. Humor is an intrinsic part of Kaufmann’s writing and is either presented directly – “If you’re dead serious than you’re seriously dead”, or indirectly – as an advice “if you want to guarantee the popularity of your next book, be sure to insert in it as many flattering photos of its readers”.

“Like an exquisite drink”

The recommendation of the first few readers was to try and resist the temptation of “swallowing” its pages and finishing it in one read. They suggested to treat the book as if it was an exquisite drink which is treasured and tasted in small doses. Thus, to slowly digest the diversity, to challenge the insights, to smile, laugh and enjoy!

The book is an easy read intended for readers who can smile with one eye and shed a tear with the other.

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