The eyes of abel
  • Author: Daniel Jacobs
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Eyes of Abel

He thought he was reporting a crime, while in fact he was an accomplice
A terrorist bomb turns a jumbo jet flying over San Francisco into a flying inferno. In the aftermath, a shocked American public is ready to relinquish its precious civil rights in order to prevent a repeat attack. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Roger Charlin, refuses to let America transform into a police state. While investigating, Charlin encounters Israeli airline security agent Maya Cohen, a witty and seductive match to his skepticism. The two soon become entwined in a top-secret race against time and powerful international interests.A suspenseful, intelligent, eye-opening thriller
In an intriguing, high stakes cat-and-mouse game, Charlin discovers that Maya Cohen is far more than just a security agent at Israel Airlines. A lead about a top-secret nuclear project points to a chance to crash a weapons market fueled by oil-money and prevent an impending conflagration of the Middle East. Only Charlin, watching as journalists whip the region into a frenzy, can save everything. Now he must abandon his position on the sidelines and take on a critical role in history.

In The Eyes of Abel, Daniel Jacobs skillfully challenges the role of journalism by presenting complex conflicts in a grippingly entertaining story that confronts the lens through which we view the Middle East.

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