The Crystal circle- Liora rosenman
  • Author: Liora Rosenman
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance & Women's fiction, Literary Fiction

The Crystal Circle

Members of a paranormal circle find themselves entangled in a fatal romantic mystery.

High above our perceived reality lies The Circle Crystal: the eternal reality, where the immortal souls dwell, and from which they return, from time to time, to play a role and fulfill their purpose in our reality.

3,000 years ago, in biblical times, a group of those souls had played the parts of King David, King Saul, and Michal in a bloody drama of sins. Today they return to our reality, to set things right. Can they avoid their inevitable fate?

A suspenseful, romantic drama and a dark mystery stretching across plains of existence.

The Crystal Circle weaves mystery, spirituality and biblical reference into a gripping and unusual thriller. The result is an original book that challenges our conception of destiny, past, and future, and re-frames the potential of the human spirit.

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