The Case of the German Doctor
  • Author: Tsuriel Sdomi
  • Language: English
  • Category: uncategorized

The Case of the German Doctor

He dedicated himself to the survival of his people. Then his family’s secret came out…

When William von Antrim decided to pursue a career as a doctor, working to help Jewish survivors recover from the horrors of World War II, he believed he was doing all in his power to help his people survive. A German refugee himself, William fled to America with his mother after she was accused of being of Jewish descent. William’s father left them with only his estate, his family name, and his legacy.

A legacy that proves to be William’s downfall.

What begins with a shameful truth coming to light forces William to confront not only his family’s past but his own. William’s case threads together one tragic character after another: A Jewish prosecutor whose life was saved by an unexpected act of kindness; a fragile woman with a shocking story of revenge and betrayal; an ambitious attorney who struggles with morality; and William himself, who faces the dire consequences of his relentless attempts at redemption, regardless of the steep price he must pay.

Evoking questions on the banality of evil, morality, and guilt, The Case of the German Doctor is a deep, page-turning debut novel that will shock readers until the end.

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