The Captain’s Strategy
  • Author: Dr. Amos Raviv
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

The Captain’s Strategy

The Captain’s Strategy defines a new way of thinking that provides a unique template to be implemented on any strategic model to create a powerful strategizing mix in the business world

Imagine that your business is a ship, and you are its captain, leading it to market shores. You cannot control the vast seas, the winds or the currents, the low or high tides, nightfall or daybreak, nor can you affect the weather conditions in any way.

However, you can set guidelines for your ship and crew, giving them instructions as to how to plan ahead, how to behave in certain conditions, which measures to undertake, what factors to consider, take down and analyze, and what actions to perform upon which conclusions are reached – while at sea, in real time.

Whether you are a manager, a CEO, a consultant, an analyst or still a student, this book is intended to help you dive into the complex world of strategy and strategy models in a straightforward and original yet not oversimplified way.

In this book you will learn strategy in the captains’ way:

*The unique Captain strategy template that can be implemented on any strategic model.

*New points of view and perspectives into your strategic thinking and management.

*”Instant descriptions” of all major strategic models used today in abridged user-friendly formats.

*Every model is demonstrated with a diagram, followed by a detailed explanation, and examples from the business world.

*Dr. Amos Raviv is a strategy lecturer, researcher, and thinker for many years, and a relentless collector of strategic models. He invites you to make a leap forward and create your strategizing mix which will get you where you want to go, as fast as you want to get there

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