The Art of Managing Humans: Management Practices that Actually Work

The Art of Managing Humans: Management Practices that Actually Work

Stop managing your employees  start managing your people.

At the core of any organization are the people who comprise it. They are the living, beating heart of any company, business, or startup that drives the company to be either highly successful – or a massive failure. They are a company’s most valuable resource, and it is your job to ensure that resource is developed, promoted, and maximized to its full potential.

Over the last three decades, Tsvika Abramovitch made a name for himself as a revolutionary large-scale CHRO, where he developed an all-encompassing model that has since been promoting growth and excellence at hundreds of organizations. Dubbed “The Seesaw Model,” Abramovich’s work has earned him global recognition and multiple awards, including a STEVIE Award for HR Executive of the Year and two HR Excellence Awards.

The Art of Managing Humans replaces work relations with working relationships, improving leadership through open communication, promoting welfare, worker involvement, and transparency. It is aimed at any manager, executive, and HR person who wants to identify the crucial balance between management and employees and the practical differences it bridges between mediocre companies and successful organizations.

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