Super Exercise Training

Super Exercise Training

Can one fitness system be suitable for everybody without distinction?

Super Exercise Training presents the principles of a revolutionary and innovative system which includes all you’ve ever wanted from a fitness plan. Developed through 30 years of experience as a specialist physician in family medicine working in a diverse community, Dr. Michael Herling’s method is based on the movement principles of animals, children, and elderly people with exemplary fitness as well as contemporary scientific research.

This system offers everybody – no matter what age, gender, fitness level, motivation status and health status – to reap all the benefits of proper and wise movement.

In this book you will learn:

  • The concept of “super-exercises” and how this concept can be used to improve every person’s level of fitness. From couch potatoes to athletes, from infants to the elderly.
  • The three non-negotiable super-exercises everyone should engage in on a daily basis
  • How to train safely and efficiently in your later years
  • How to cultivate your connective tissue’s health and suppleness
  • How to use the power of super-exercises in different common diseases and as a form of self-treatment
  • How therapists from various fields can use the philosophy and exercises of this system in their own clinics

Based on his intimate knowledge of movement, being a martial arts expert, Qi Gong instructor and an active skater and surfer himself, Dr. Herling turns the fitness world on its head, offering a new paradigm on how everyone can achieve animalistic fitness at any age.

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