Stress Less: An easy and proven way to cope & reduce stress

Stress Less: An easy and proven way to cope & reduce stress

Eight simple principles to help you deal with stress

Pressure can greatly affect our quality of life. In fact, when in high amounts and frequency, it can have destructive consequences both physical and emotionally.

Yet not all of these effects are negative. Pressure at lower levels can also have a positive impact and spur us on to realize our aspirations across various aspects of life.

As adults, we encounter stress at many junctions, without exceptions. This book is dedicated to everyone who wishes to delve in deeper, investigate and comprehend the mechanisms that influence stress.

In simple words and through numerous examples taken from the lives of managers and employees, Dr. Izak Fayena (DBA), who has had extensive experience as a senior executive in a number of organizations, shares his personal journey to understanding the sources of stress:

*What is stress?

*In which ways does it affect our lives?

*How is pressure related to work?

*How can we develop the ability to deal with the effects stress has on us?

Stressless compiles theoretical knowledge together with multiple strategies for coping effectively, presenting eight simple principles we can all practice daily in order to mitigate the negative effects of pressure.

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