Red Gold
  • Author: Ido Sharon
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Red Gold

To save the Earth, they must first land on the Red Planet.

Mars. The next frontier. When people talk about the Red Planet and human salvation, they talk about colonization [transference] – as if that is mankind’s only hope of surviving the ecological threats facing Earth. But they are wrong. The answer doesn’t lie in moving humanity across the stars to settle its red soil.

Rather, it is the Red Planet’s gold.

An astronomical discovery on the precipice of global calamity has set two scientists on the path to human salvation. Using their newfound knowledge, they are certain they can utilize Martian resources to solve Earth’s greenhouse crisis and spare the planet – and humankind along with it. But reaching Mars proves to be just one obstacle out of many, and their time is running out.

Will their resourcefulness be enough to save the planet, or are the odds stacked too high against them for mankind to survive?

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