An Angel Between Darkness and Light
  • Author: Osnat Ben Ami
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

An Angel Between Darkness and Light

He’s been sent to save the world from destruction, but is he the one putting it at risk?
Existence, Love, Fate, Power, Lust, Life and Death. The epic story of Oranus, the angel, encapsulating the journey of the human soul.

Oranus is done standing by while the humans of the World Below slaughter each other. Time and time again he set out with Noga and the rest of his angel comrades to help the oppressed tribes of the Continent of the Fallen Star fight against the tyrannical Kadanita clan. But the fighting continues, and Oranus and Noga are left to watch as darkness spreads across the lands of man.

But not all is lost. Heeding the plight of the Continent’s peoples, Noga and Oranus descend to the continent to inhibit the bodies of Rebecca and Adrian – one a caring healer, the other a ruthless prince of the warrior tribe. No longer the ethereal guardians, the two decide to use their human bodies to guide the World Below and its inhabitants towards a better future.

But Adrian’s will prove more challenging than anyone had anticipated. Oranus, the angel; Adrian, the Man: As both aspects battle for control, the fate of the World Below will be decided by which is stronger – the love of power, or the power of love?

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