Raking Light from Ashes - Relli Robinson

Raking Light from Ashes

A young girl holding a false identity. Two families. And an incredible tale of survival…

When Relli Robinson was just a baby, the Nazis occupied Poland and she, together with her parents, were imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto, a final stop before death.

Her parents correctly assessed the new situation and decided to commit a heroic act to save their only child’s life. They succesfully smuggled her out of the ghetto and entrusted her to a Gentile Polish couple who agreed to hide her for the duration of the war under a false identity.

Overnight, Relli became Lala.

Yet hope did not remain alive for long.

Destruction and devastation engulfed Poland and soon little Lala was forced to escape and hide along with her new parents, struggling to survive.

This is the amazing story of Relli Robinson, who, thanks to kindhearted, courageous people and a tenacious capacity for survival, was able to get through the most difficult times in the history of humankind. An orphan girl, she is the sole survivor of her entire family.

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