• Author: Al Strans
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: Romance & Women's fiction

Punishment without Crime

Four generations of irresistible women navigate their way in a world of untenable reputation and unsatisfiable lust

A scandalous sexual affair gives way to a murder investigation, imprisonment, and torture. Feminine sexuality and strength are challenged as family secrets resurface. Love, lust, trust, and betrayal are weaved into this mesmerizing family at the end of the 20th century. A tragic epos of human nature arching across generations and continents.

˃˃˃ The secret lives of two modern families

Camilla Blan is an elegant French woman, the daughter of a successful Parisian businessman, with slender fingers and graceful legs. Her intoxicating smile suggests a woman far from the ordinary, strong and passionate, dangerously certain of her desire. She is only 16 when she meets thirty-one-year-old Albert Frischhoff, an Israeli Professor attending a Chemists conference in Paris, who captivates her with his intellectual charm. Camilla seduces him and gives birth to his child, but he is unable to live up to her wild sexuality and lavish libidinal needs. What started as a passionate affair becomes a lifelong tragedy of dissatisfaction, betrayal, and mistrust.

Born in Israel, their daughter Regina inherits her mother’s passionate nature and rebellious sexuality, as well as her dazzling figure. When she marries Tom, their young neighbor, to her father’s discontent, no one can foresee his impassioned affair with Regina’s mother, Camilla, who allures him with her bleeding heart.

One winter morning, two burly police officers arrest Tom at his door for the sexual abuse of his and Regina’s lovely underage daughter, Natalie. The truth is quite different from the story that flooded the newspaper headlines, but false accusations lead to real and tragic consequences. The unbearable involvement of modern society in family life yields the heaviest cost: punishment without crime.

A tale of forbidden attraction, unbounded love, lies, betrayal, and revenge.

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