Perhaps She Only Imagined It
  • Author: Sarit Brik
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

Perhaps She Only Imagined It

A captivating novel about a life fluctuating between reality and imagination, and a disease which takes over the thought process and is half-mental, half-physical, thus propelling the readers to recall pivotal moments in their own lives.

A brittle and courageous self-portrait of an artist on the brink of her fifties as she battles tormenting thoughts which scurry uncontrollably through the dark crevices of her mind, faint fears of missing out, the extinguishing of the body, the loss of beauty and memory, and the dread over the demise of love and life.

Perhaps She Only Imagined It is a sequence of memories and pivotal moments in the life of the heroine, shifting between the real and the imaginary, truth and delusion, through thoughts which intertwine life and death, and alongside all – a great love which affords her an anchor and a sanctuary.

A tale of love and madness which will make readers examine and re-evaluate their own lives.

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