Over The Hill by Benny Steinberg

Over the Hill: A Novel

Hope, mystery, and assisted living. They’re not over the hill yet – their golden years are only the beginning.


If there is one thing 83-year-old Rachel Hoffman can’t stand, it’s being alone. After fifty long years of marriage, living alone was not the lifestyle change she had hoped for. Not that she’s complaining – she was always the independent type. Respectful. Proper. She just misses having someone to cook for.


But at “A Home on the Hill” retirement community, there is no shortage of people that need looking after… or looking out for.


When a new experimental drug with miracle-like properties finds its way into Rachel’s hands, it throws The Hill’s elderly tenants into a tailspin. What starts as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help her closest friends deal with the complexities of old age, ends up disrupting the community’s peace as word of the miracle cure spreads like wildfire. The nurturing Rachel finds herself at the center of attention as she is drawn into her fellow residents’ lives, fears, ailments, and regrets.

But can she still use the wondrous cure-all to save someone if they do not wish to be saved?


Moving and inspiring, Over the Hill is a charming, profound work of fiction, pitting its unique heroes against the overwhelming challenges of age and isolation while at the same time celebrating the small wonders of life, community, and selflessness.

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