Out of a Clear Blue Sky

One man’s journey to save his son from an impending crisis leads to a quest of self-discovery that brings him to question our place in the universe.

On a cold day in February, a 7-year-old boy is taken on his way home from school. A year goes by, and the kidnapper gives no reason. No ransom note is sent to the family – who has no choice but to spiral into a vortex of grief, mourning and resignation.

When his youngest son Yonatan is kidnapped without explanation, Hanoch has no idea how to save his son, what’s left of his family – or himself. After a radical moment of discovery shakes his perception on reality, Hanoch sets out to find an objective truth that might bring order back into his crumbling world.

Throughout this journey of constant questions and answers, Hanoch is exposed to the wide spectrum of life and its different aspects – the philosophical, psychological, mystical, theological and the emotional.
Full of colorful characters and deep, meaningful insights, Out of a Clear Blue Sky is a thought-provoking novel that will keep readers questioning long after its surprising end. Can Hanoch find his son’s kidnapper in time? Or was he always too late?

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