One Day I’ll Find You by Udi Miron
  • Author: Udi Miron
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

One Day I’ll Find You

A surprising, witty, touching story about men and women, mothers and sons – and the secrets they keep from each other.


When Yoni’s mother disappears just days before his eighth birthday, she leaves many unanswered questions – and a distraught family of three trying desperately to cope with her loss. While his blue-collar father and older brother are more than willing to erase any mention of her, Yoni holds on to the belief that she will return one day. But as the years go by, his longing subsides… Until a chance encounter jump-starts a quest for closure decades in the making.


Following the last few leads left in his mother’s absence, Yoni embarks for Europe. As he immerses himself in the places his mother once inhabited, he encounters a colorful cast of characters whose lives intertwine with his own, leaving an indelible impact on his journey of self-realization.


One Day I’ll Find You delves into Yoni’s emotional turmoil, illuminating the complex dynamics of family relationships, personal histories, and the haunting power of unanswered questions. What he finds changes everything he thought he knew about his mother, his family – and his place in the world.


Set against the vibrant backdrop of contemporary Europe, this thought-provoking novel explores themes of identity, loss, and self-discovery.

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