New stomach old brain

New Stomach Old Brain

How to go through major weight loss and stay sane

Although patients lose dozens of pounds, their habits remain untouched, and the harsh emotional discomforts they face do not necessarily fit their new and attractive look. These radical changes are accompanied by emotional challenges, increased exposure, invasion of privacy, a struggle with a physical inability to eat, and a disturbing fear of being fat again. This book is about these challenges.

A magnetizing and valuable read for potential patients and their loved-ones

Weight loss surgery is not brain surgery. Yet emotional coping is an inseparable, although rarely addressed, part of the physical weight loss process that comes with bariatric (sleeve) surgery. In New Stomach, Old Brain, Limor Haim Matityahoo shares her inspirational personal journey in the form of short stories, shedding new light on weight loss surgery and its consequences: a valuable source of information for candidates of weight loss surgery and their acquaintances, before, during, and after the operation.

Leverage your weight loss operation into a successful way of life

Losing pounds is no guarantee for happiness. Learn how to make the best out of the change and turn it into a new life opportunity!

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