• Author: Gur Shomron
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy


Why waste time on Earth, when you have 24 times more time in the NET?

Life was good in the NET ”” the Earth-size virtual world”” until hackers opened a forbidden door and something alien sneaked in” …

Welcome to the NET – an Earth-like virtual-world, where you surf in person and every Earth hour is a full NET day. A place where you can spend long hours preparing for a test, and lose only a few Earth minutes; or own a magnificent NET-estate, and entertain friends from all over Earth for a weekend – each of you would lose only a couple of Earth hours!

But strange phenomena begin to occur in the NET: Surfers suffer memory loss; NET facilities are attacked; and a hacker is kidnapped to a mysterious site named Hell!

Will Babel, the NET security unit, realize the real danger? Can fifteen-year-old Troy Bentley and his bio-computer and best friend, Flint, save the NET?

Gur Shomron is a successful high-tech entrepreneur and cyber-engineer who turned to writingSci-Fi. In NETfold, Gur has created a new world, where human abilities and achievements are magnified many fold.

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