My Grandmother’s Shadow

My Grandmother’s Shadow

One woman’s search for answers unfurls into a riveting multi-layered family saga, perfect for readers of Jean Grainger and Soraya Lane.

Winter, 1941: Watching the smoke rise over the burning synagogue of the Riga Ghetto, Johanna Friedman’s only concern is keeping her family safe. As she prepares to leave her home, clutching what little possessions she is allowed to carry, her thoughts meander to a simpler time before the war – and a secret name, one she rarely recites out loud, forever embedded in her heart.

Present day. Devorah was never allowed to ask about her mother’s repressed past, until her mother agreed to show her a hidden drawer containing her secret history. Devorah unravels the story of the amazing women who have shaped her legacy: the one who raised her mother as her own – and the one her mother never knew.

Inspired by the true story of her maternal lineage, Devorah Shafrir Keret weaves a haunting, unforgettable saga of brave, broken women spanning a century of secrets and triumphs, unfaltering love and incredible loss, and the generation-spanning power of family.

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