Multiple-Victims Murder - Arnon Edelstein
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Multiple-Victims Murder

Mass murder and serial murder: An integrative look

The term “Multiple-victims murder” refers to the murder of several people at the same time, or one after another, by the same killer, in a repetitive pattern. Usually these incidents count a high toll of victims and create significant anxiety increase in the public. Yet, the rate of finding murderers in these cases is relatively very low, especially in serial murders; that is if they are ever caught at all.

A comprehensive and critical overview of contemporary research on Multiple-Victims Murder

Multiple-Victims Murder examines the various categories of mass murder and serial murder and suggests a new category: “mass-serial murder”. It presents and criticizes the most up-to-date research and theoretical literature in this field, and suggests an integrative theoretical model. This groundbreaking volume is intended for criminologists, psychologists, sociologists, students and readers who are interested in truly understanding the complicated aspects of this fascinating field of investigation.

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