Mind in Rehabilitation
  • Author: Eyal Heled
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Mind in Rehabilitation

An insightful voyage into the unique experience of persons with disabilities.

Golan suffered a serious brain injury in the war, and must cope with the consequences;

Nadav, ten years old, with a congenital orthopedic disability that prevented his leg from developing properly, is struggling for his standing among his classmates;

Rina is dealing with the recurrence of breast cancer and the uncertainty of her future life.

These are but some of the numerous cases described in Mind in Rehabilitation, which provides a glimpse into the experience of persons with disabilities, as seen through their psychotherapists during rehabilitation. The cases are presented in a complete fashion in order to expose the complexity of the process of adaptation to life with disability experienced by many adults and children alike.

The second part of the book has been devoted to an in-depth look at the world of rehabilitation in general, and that of emotional rehabilitation in particular. It sheds light on the main issues in rehabilitation, the emotional processes that take place in response to disability, the way society perceives people with disabilities, and the unique challenges faced by rehabilitation psychologists.

Dr. Eyal Heled, a rehabilitation psychologist and neuropsychologist, has therapeutic experience in treating people with developmental and acquired disabilities, and supervises interns in their therapeutic work. He is also involved in neuropsychological evaluation and research in the field of cognition and neuropsychology, especially among people with brain damage and other disabilities.

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