• Author: Dr. Varda Foox
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense


This is an amazing story about a Bedouin beauty, who is raised as an Israeli, becomes a lawyer and is recruited to the Israeli ‘Mossad’…She is abducted together with a judge, who is also a ‘Mossad’ man, and both of them are held by a terrorist organization…jailed in a cave in harsh imprisonment conditions and… “The blond woman picked Avital up easily and started to take big steps towards a black car… During the next seconds, while driving, the woman took off her blond wig, and the tall lank man who was revealed didn’t look at all like the figure who abducted Avital less than a minute ago… The car hurried eastwards in full speed and power, to the Iranian border, while behind it, following closely, was a grey car…” And in addition… “The Israeli helicopter retreated and halted and a rope ladder was thrown from it…The three advanced unit soldiers came running to the escapees … The rope ladder was rolled up and the helicopter rose and climbed high in the air, carrying with it Dave, Avital and their savior, Hamudi…” The President of Israel words on the book “Kidnapped”: “Your book integrates realistic and fictional elements and deals with a complex and painful issue…its moving plot brings about difficult moral dilemmas, both on the personal level and on the national level, whose solution involves a sensitive performance…in your book, as well as in reality…” (-) Shimon Peres The President of Israel

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