Joab - The Rebel of Judea by Nachi Zaltzman

Joab – The Rebel of Judea

He can be the maker of kings or the destroyer of kingdoms.

Joab, nephew to the mighty, aspiring King David and an intrepid warrior, knows a destiny awaits him beyond the desert sands of his tribal home in Judea. On a humid summer evening, that destiny is revealed – in a call from David himself to lead an army against the pursuing King Saul.

Joab kisses his beloved goodbye and sets off to join his uncle. But becoming the general of a contender to the throne means more than just wielding a sword. Joab is soon drawn into a complicated world of shifting alliances, personal vendettas, and the irresistible lure of power. His mission is to protect David and lead his army to triumph. He wants nothing more than to see his uncle on his rightful throne.

But is Joab willing to give up everything, even his very humanity, to see the Kingdom of Judea victorious?

Set in ancient Biblical times, Joab – The Rebel of Judea tells a breathtaking story of loyalty, love, and vengeance as the line between hero and rebel blurs, and the fate of an empire hangs in the balance.

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