Improve your sexual performance
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Improve your Sexual Performance

The complete guide to strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and improving your sex life

You don’t really remember when exactly it happened, but you know that your sexual prowess has been waning and sometimes even disappearing completely. As the years go by, your body grows older and weaker. Your quality of life becomes impaired by your worsening sexual performance. But rest assured – you are not alone in this struggle. Every year many men join the circle of people who suffer from sexual dysfunction, yet very few seek help because they are ashamed.

Improve Your Sexual Performance is the ultimate solution for you. This book introduces a new training method whose purpose is to strengthen the function of the pelvic floor muscles, a key component in a person’s sexual health.

The method presents for the first time a way in which every man can reach his full sexual potential, weather healthy or suffering from diseases that may be affecting his sexual ability, through training the muscle groups active during sexual intercourse in real conditions.

The training program consists of three parts that will give you your stormy sex life back:

*Working on the muscles involved in lying on your back. The exercises will help you with the cowgirl position in its various versions.

*Strengthening the muscles involved in lying propped up by your elbows or hands. The exercises will help you master the missionary position in its various versions.

*Toning the muscles involved in kneeling on one or both knees. These exercises will help control the doggy-style position in its various versions.

Ofer Sela and Eli Gabay are both physiotherapists with extensive therapeutic experience in the area of male sexuality. Sela has developed the unique method in the book Functional Pelvic Contraction, and specializes in rehabilitation of the elderly as well as in water rehabilitation treatments. Gabay specializes in pelvic floor therapy for men and is also a veteran lecturer in the field.

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