I Like How That Feels
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I Like How That Feels

Fifi is a little girl, discovering the amazing sensations her body can feel. She likes to feel the smooth fur on a dog’s belly, and the cool touch of dry beans on her fingers. She likes when Mommy strokes her back before she goes to sleep.

Fifi soon discovers there are other parts of her body that are nice to touch, too. As she explores, Mommy helps her to figure out the different parts of her body and the importance of privacy.

I Like How That Feels is a sweet, body-positive book for girls aged 3-6. Fifi’s story fosters awareness in parents and helps young girls develop a healthy and judgment-free approach to enjoying their bodies, while respectfully highlighting the importance of privacy.

Parents and girls alike will love this engaging story and learn together how to approach the subject of self-exploration without fear, helplessness, or shame.

Ella Greenstein has worked in education for years, specializing in gender and healthy sexuality. A mother to a daughter herself, she wrote I Like How That Feels to help parents cultivate body positivity and awareness in their families.

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