• Author: Vitaly Buchatsky
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

How to Raise Happy Kids

Help your children actualize their uniqueness and fulfill their purposes and dreams!

An outgrowth of the author’s extremely successful parenting website, How to Raise Happy Kids is comprised of 61 short chapters, each containing expertly reasoned, loving advice and practical tools for a different aspect of child-rearing. Even those with limited time to spend at home with their children will find this book extremely useful.

Be both inspired and informed by this indispensable parenting guide!

Effectively illustrated and explained parenting techniques include: encouraging your child to help out at home with praise and positive reinforcement rather than threats; creating a “Success Journal” together with your child for recording his or her daily accomplishments, large and small; the importance of parents setting a good example and showing leadership in the family, showing respect as a way of fostering respectful behavior; and creating great relationships among family members. An inspiration for parents, educators, and therapists!

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