How Do You Like Your Coffee - Tami Yaari
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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Have you ever thought: What am I here for? And…How can I become much happier?

In the middle of modern life, with all the obligations and complications one has, is really possible to be happy?

If you like coffee and café talk and wisdom that springs from life itself, this is the book for you.

What can actually happened in a small café?

A lot. Cafés are so interesting these days! That’s where every day you see side by side business men, self-employed with their laptops, mothers and their babies, and people who just come by to pick up their morning coffee and get a smile from the charming waitress who has somehow become a part of their world.

Nathan is a family man and a business man. It seems as if he’s doing great. But the truth is that he’s not happy. Not at home and not at work, just like so many modern people. Nathan has no idea where to begin changing his miserable situation, but he knows that he must find happiness again. One day he finally dares to approach Tami, who sits in the neighborhood café and writes books. From talk to talk he goes through a change. He rediscovers the beautiful life he already has.

Joy the new waitress belongs to the new generation. She understands everything directly from her heart. But she tend to fall into self-doubt. Things spin out of control when one day Joy is inspired to celebrate a birthday party to the café! Everyone in the neighborhood want to participate. Is it a utopia or the truth about the very tangible happiness that is under our nose?

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