Hope Comes Knocking
  • Author: Micky Seiffe
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Hope Comes Knocking

“They shot me, Micky.”

Those were the words Micky Seiffe managed to scratch on the wall in front of him with his fingernails as the Egyptian soldiers standing behind him readied their weapons with the express intention of executing him.

When Micky was sent to the UN zone on the Suez Canal, he could not have imagined that in the morning of October 8, 1973 he would be facing the muzzles of Egyptian guns. That was the opening shot to the six weeks of physical and psychological torture in which he was certain more than once that death would catch up with him.

But the human survival instinct is stronger than anything. By controlling his thoughts and using his imagination Micky succeeded in disconnecting mentally and emotionally from what was happening around him and preventing his captors from hurting his soul.

This one-of-a-kind story is presented in a vivid, chilling and thought-provoking way. The war in the battlefield and the struggle for physical and mental survival in the prison are interwoven with the presence of death every second, almost touching, in the most horrifying circumstances. Hope Comes Knocking is an inspiring story, a lesson from the legacy of warfare worthy of being learned, and a must read for every human being.

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