grandpa is flying in a spaceship
  • Author: Shosh Carmel
  • Language: Inglish
  • Category: Children & Young Adults

Grandpa is flying in a Spaceship

A new way for children to process grief

Little Mick loved his Grandpa Josh very much. They spent countless hours together; building, sharing and exploring. Together they sailed on spaceships with wings of imagination into outer space.

But one day, Grandpa Josh disappeared from Mick’s life, having died suddenly. The sense of loss was tremendous and tragic. Now what?

Little Mick embarked on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. Eventually he came to terms with the loss of his Grandpa, holding on to memories in the healthiest way. Grandpa is Flying in a Spaceship is the way for your child to learn these incredible life-lessons.

A shortcut to emotional maturity

Grandpa is Flying in a Spaceship translates classic psychological models into a presentation that young children can appreciate and grow from. By following little Mick’s grief process and consolation in the arms of his family, a child gains the readiness to cope with a potential or already existing loss.

Powerful psychological lessons for children

This moving story is laced with flowing rhymes and inspiring illustrations that encourage both parent and child to internalize the tools needed to properly handle grief and develop the courage to find comfort, and eventually happiness following a loss.

For parents, educators and therapists alike

Based on the research of Psychotherapist Sosh Carmel, MSW, Grandpa is Flying in a Spaceship is presented with relatable characters and a touching story that make it an invaluable tool for any adult in a caring position who may come in touch with a child struggling with loss.

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