Good and Dead
  • Author: Pini Elazary
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Good and Dead

He has one option and one option only – stop the threat, or everyone will die.

Avner Ehrlich, the Mossad’s “operator” and serial rulebreaker, is called urgently into action. He is inserted into Iran with the task of eliminating Professor Hamdani, the mastermind behind the nuclear warheads smuggled into Iran.
Ehrlich meticulously plans his complex mission, but just as it is put into play he discovers that his intentions have been leaked – and a violent battle ensues in the heart of Tehran, with Ehrlich and his people drastically outnumbered. Ehrlich just manages to get away and is immediately called back to headquarters for debriefing, but, in his headstrong way, defies his superiors’ commands and remains in Tehran, refusing to let Hamdani escape. Only before he knows it, Hamdani has disappeared.

Soon, Ehrlich realizes just how crucial his mission is – when he learns that Hamdani has joined the notorious Colonel Rasputin in Moscow. Together with Rasputin, a renowned war criminal, they are orchestrating the dispatch of a nuclear weapon that will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like child’s play. And its target – Tel Aviv.

Ehrlich has one option and one option only – stop the threat, or everyone will go to hell.

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