From Adam's Apple to Newton's Apple
  • Author: Shemer Keydar
  • Language: English
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From Adam’s Apple to Newton’s Apple

Our world’s eternal questions answered by the Kabbalah, modern physics and the astonishing resemblance between them.

During the 1920s, the world was changed forever when a new theory in physics — quantum theory — was developed. To this very day, this theory enables us to predict the behavior of physical bodies and explains many natural phenomena.

Decades later, Dr. Shemer Keydar embarked on the study of physics and found an amazing parallel between the theories he was learning and the principles of Kabbala and Hasidism. Principles such as the creation of the world from nothing, the unity found in nature, the development of mankind, and the power of the human intellect are all presented and illustrated through the light of quantum physics and Kabbalah.

Dr. Shemer (Shmariahu) Keydar, a highly respected researcher and the author of numerous scientific papers, has developed his interest in the relationship between Judaism and modern physics over the last two decades, and now invites you to join him on this special journey.

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