Fall-Related Injury Minimization
  • Author: Amit Hadad
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Fall-Related Injury Minimization

Falling is a basic fact of life for many seniors and elderly people – which makes knowing how to fall a necessity.

Fall-Related Injury Minimization (FRIM) accurately presents falling as a common cause of injuries among the elderly, reveals the missing link in coping with falls, and gives practical tools and know-how based on academic research and vast firsthand experience.

This encompassing textbook is written in a reader-friendly tone and includes step-by-step images detailing a broad range of falling exercises. Inside, you’ll find:

*Tools to empower and enrich your arsenal as a trainer/therapist

*Instructions suited for trainees of every age, adjusted for various levels of function

*Ways to improve muscle strength, bone resilience, balance, and falling and rising techniques

*Four easy-to-grasp performance levels, from initiated falls to real-time falling

*Evidence-based programs with supporting anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical expertise

*Perfect for physiotherapists, movement therapists, fitness trainers, and instructors of every movement method caring for the elderly and senior citizens.

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