Escaping Budapest: A WW2 Historical Novel Based on a True Story

Escaping Budapest: A WW2 Historical Novel Based on a True Story

Budapest, winter 1944: As chaos and anarchy run rampant throughout Hungary, one family must endure impossible evils to escape Budapest with their lives.

When a drunken neighbor brings the ruthless Arrow Cross gendarme straight to their front door, the Levy family realizes their days in the city they once called home are numbered. After years of loyalty and community, a Christian neighbor’s kindness saves their lives. Yet even simple kindness does not last long in Budapest.

To increase their chances of survival, the stronghearted Miriam Levy and her husband Istvan decide to split from their daughter, 17-year-old Magda – who attempts to save her newly wedded husband from certain death. And while Istvan finds shelter at the Swiss Embassy, Miriam is caught by a Hungarian mob, led by a sadistic young priest for whom the ends of a pure Hungary are enough to justify any means.

Based on true events, Escaping Budapest is a chilling, unputdownable novel of hope, strength, and kindness in the face of unimaginable cruelty and terror as the four members of the Levy family risk everything to survive to see the end of the war.

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