Code Blue - Zvika Amit
  • Author: Zvika Amit
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

Code Blue

Could Israel become a theocratic military dictatorship? A novel that could be tomorrow’s news

They really had nothing in common. Rinat was divorcée, atheist and liberal woman. Gavroche was a married and religious man. Fate put them on two ends of a divided society. They fell in love and found themselves at the opposite poles of a military coup.

The surprising and complicated plot describe a small but determined minority succeeded in changing the character of the entire country. The story takes place in contemporary Israel, which is deeply divided by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Along-with-it, no country is really immune against the domination of extremist elements. The resemblance to the United States today is frightening.

The question that everyone should ask himself can this happen here? 

Zvika Amit describes the process of transforming Israel from a democracy into a theocratic, fascist state. As written, this is a reasonable, credible and convincing scenario. Frightening for anyone living in any democratic society?

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