Britain’s Secret Crusade by Ezra Nishry
  • Author: Dr Ezra Nishry
  • Language: English
  • Category: Non Fiction, General

Britain’s Secret Crusade

A revolutionary investigation into Britain’s hidden imperialistic agendas, after the Labour government’s decision to evacuate India and its discreet involvement in creating the long-lasting conflict in the Middle East.


The 1948 Arab-Israeli War was a political turning point that changed the face of the Middle East. It influenced local regimes and catalyzed numerous geopolitical issues still very much alive today, all stemming from one point: the end of its Mandate for Palestine.


In Britain’s Secret Crusade, Dr. Ezra Nishry sheds light on the fascinating chain of events that took place prior to, during, and following the Arab-Israeli War. By reconstructing Britain’s strategies, both militaristic and diplomatic, Nishry challenges the historical paradigm rooted in our understanding of the conflict, revealing the colonialist interests and imperialistic agendas behind Britain’s involvement in the Middle East. With previously sealed documents and records, Nishry shows how Britain instigated the Arab armies’ invasion of Palestine; why there are conflicting historical studies about Britain’s involvement in the war; and how its attempts to influence the outcome of the war ultimately led to the end of its hegemony over the Middle East.


Full of original, uncompromising analysis, Nishry paints for the first time a clear picture of Britain’s goals and actions surrounding Palestine, how it affected the geopolitical climate in the Middle East, and how Israel, a small, newly formed country fighting for its own survival, brought an end to the dream of a new British Empire.

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