Boys of Courage
  • Author: Amos Blas
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Boys of Courage

He’ll do anything to save his family… but what will he do when the time comes to save himself?

Poland, 1939. Kadish is barely more than a boy when war breaks out. Forced to grow up fast, he takes it upon himself to provide for his family in the ghetto – stealing through the sewers under the cover of darkness to smuggle food and supplies back to his helpless parents and younger cousin Robbie, who’s always looked up to him.

Until one night, Kadish disappears.

Years later, Robbie, who remembers his brave cousin Kadish as his savior, is now an old man. He’s never known what happened to his hero after that terrifying day – until a phone call startles him in the middle of the night.

A stunning revelation unravels an incredible story about two young boys long ago, who with courage and strength, survived against the odds. A story that has waited decades to be told.

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