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Binary Physics

One Particle. One Force. One Theory.

Binary Physics – The Theory Of Everything.

A must-read book for every physics lover!

In his new book, the Israeli physics researcher, Josef Zilberberg, describes a groundbreaking theory that translates all physical concepts into binary language using the insight of “Time Resolution”.

Time resolution claims that the human brain ‘shrinks’ on the time axis, different cyclical patterns of a single elementary particle, and imagines it as different particles in space. The limited human brain is able to see the timeline only at low resolution. This is why it “compresses” a tremendous amount of “time units” that contain different patterns of the single elementary particle and imagines them as one time unit – “the present.” The different patterns are interpreted by the human brain at low resolution as different particles with different properties – mass, energy, electric charge, spin…

To make it easier for understanding, “Time resolution” means that our brain works on the time axis in the same manner that he interprets the T.V. pixels at law resolution as one essence.

Time resolution is the bridge between the jungle of “particles” of known physics and the single particle of Binary Physics

Every different pattern of the elementary particle in the time axis, represents a “DNA” of a new particle – photon, electron, anti-electron, proton, anti-proton, neutron…As was the case when deciphering the human genome, in the future, the foundations of this theory will be used as a tool for understanding the algorithms that define the materials (their “DNA”). Thus we will easily be able to “program” new materials, and manipulate the properties of the existing materials.

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