Become a Life Architect

Become a Life Architect

Form your own tailor-made recipe for success with the Life Architecture Method!

What is success? Success is hard to define, because it is different for each of us. We each aspire to achieve our own form of success – in our careers, our relationships, our health, our life. But our experiences and personalities are so varied that success simply cannot be one size fits all.

The Life Architecture Method acknowledges this and focuses on diagnosing and defining each individual person’s own perception of success and forming the rules and conditions that will help them make the right decisions and achieve their personal best.

Based on Odelia Alexandrovich’s extensive knowledge and experience, this book will help you figure out your life in more ways than one:

• Which career path should you take?
• Are you more suited to be self-employed or salaried?
• How can you lose weight?
• Which kind of romantic relationship is most right for you?
• What is your purpose in life?

Begin your journey by diagnosing yourself as one of 8 different archetypes of successful people and hear from a renowned success story of your type from the worlds of entrepreneurship, art, sports, science, and more.

Filled with useful advice, practical tips, and scannable barcodes that will lead you to questionnaires, videos, diagnoses, and exercises, this book is the starting point on your path to success and fulfillment.

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