Awaken Your Love-Life
  • Author: Orit Arbel
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Awaken Your Love-Life

How to revive your relationship and fall in-love AGAIN with your partner

A unique and practical guide that will enable you to improve your marriage and turn it into a vibrant and fulfilling relationship, like it used to be!

Dr. Orit Arbel shares her knowledge and experience and gives six essential tools to be used by partners, so they can go back to feeling love, be happy, get past old arguments and re-dance the “couples dance”. These tools will teach you new and exciting strategies for making your relationship work:

1. The Art of Matching Needs and Expectations in Couples

2. Similarities and Differences: How did the prince of my dreams become a frog overnight?

3. Compassionate Communication

4. The Power of Forgiveness

5. The Dance of Intimacy and Adaptation

6. The 13 Keys of Partnership Success

Dr. Arbel has been a couple’s therapist for the past 30 years and has developed an extremely fast and efficient model called The Marathon Method, which has been accepted by the World Congress Library in Washington as an international counseling method. This method enables the process of counseling couples and individuals to be shortened, by identifying the source of the problem, understand the interests of each side and eventually, arrive at a solution.

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