And Then There Were Two
  • Author: Haner Bat Hannah
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

And Then There Were Two

Aya’s never quite found her place in the world. At 38 years old, an aspiring artist still living with her mother, her life is in stark contrast to that of her twin sister, Gaya, the happily married and socially active mother of three. Though opposites in nature, the two women have never let their differences get in the way of their closeness.

When the sisters’ mother dies suddenly, the two women are devastated. Confused and grieving, they set about putting her house and possessions into order while trying to come to terms with their new reality. But they soon discover there was much they did not know about their late mother, her life, and even their own pasts. Slowly, friends and relatives help the sisters piece together the puzzle that will reveal to them a woman they never really knew, and in the process, they might just end up rediscovering themselves.

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