After the Darkest Hour
  • Author: Yecheskel Rubin
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

After the Darkest Hour

He survived the war, but never forgot it.


A slow-burning page-turner of hope, love, sacrifice, and justice for those left behind during humanity’s darkest hour.

Poland, 1948. It’s been years since the Second World War ended, but life in Poland hasn’t quite settled for Maria Zaneski. After losing her husband and son to the German labor camps, her only consolation from the horrors of war is her youngest daughter, Anna, whose childhood was sheltered from the terrible acts inflicted on her Jewish neighbors. Meanwhile, a chance meeting with a Jewish businessman holds the key to their salvation.

After years in exile, Olek Rabinovitch returns home to Poland in search of family members who may have survived the Nazi extermination machine. A courageous man with a keen sense of morality, Olek is tormented by his inaction during the War. He takes up residence in Maria’s rental apartment, where he and Anna quickly develop a unique partnership – further tightening the secret history that binds them.

Because aside from looking into his family’s fate, Olek’s homecoming has a darker, secret reason. One he cannot risk sharing with anyone—not even with Anna. Even as their relationship grows increasingly intimate, Olek’s past wounds refuse to heal. Not until his mission is finished, and justice for his fellow Jews can finally be served.

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