• Author: Anat Preiss
  • Language: INGLISH
  • Category: Children & Young Adults

Adam’s Yoga Journey

Would you like a yoga book for your children, which you can enjoy too?

Adam’s life gradually changed when he started to practice yoga and let it influence his life. Adam is a lonely, shy, and insecure boy whose best and only friend moved away with his family. In the beginning of the school year he decides to join yoga classes for children. Through the yoga body positions he learns to know his body, and the poses in which he is good at, and less good at. This brings him to the understanding that each one has his strengths and weaknesses. Through awareness of his breath he becomes more aware of himself, and learns to relax. Gradually and in light of the group discussions on different topics he gets insights, and makes friends. In the end, he learns to accept himself as he is. Isn’t that a wonderful gift for anyone?The book includes yoga poses, practice and awareness of breath and mind, presented in playful and attractive way for children.

Each chapter of the book includes a group discussion with the children, or a practice of awareness of breath and mind.

Then the chapter takes the young readers on a journey in which they meet the yoga poses that were learnt in this lesson. Each pose is presented by an illustration and verbal instruction.

What do you get from the book?

  • You learn that yoga is a holistic method which includes practice of body, breath and mind.
  • You learn traditional and ancient yoga poses mixed with certain movements for warm up or gradual stretching.
  • You develop strength flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • You become aware of your breath and through it, of your mind as well.
  • You learn ways to relax yourself, and reduce stress.
  • You learn that all the above is applicable by children in a playful way.
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