A Virus Called Love
  • Author: Menahem Misgav
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance & Women's fiction

A Virus Called Love

Dr. Smadar Stern never did let the fact she’s young stop her from becoming a brilliant physician. After a short but well-deserved break, she’s on her way back home from London to her job at an HMO clinic. As news of a new infectious virus starts spreading around the world, she knows her job is more important than ever. Her priorities are set.

Until she locks eyes with young and captivating Moab. Shy and embarrassed at first, Smadar was quickly won over by his nonchalant attitude and the intriguing atmosphere surrounding him. They banter, laugh and flirt through most of the flight. As she finally lets her guard down, feeling she might have found one meaningful connection, she loses him in the airport crowd – only to be swept off her feet by their pilot, Yoni. Their flare is immediate and thrilling, but she still can’t get her mind off of Moab. As her relationship with Yoni advances, she tells herself she can’t keep fawning over someone she hardly knows. She’ll probably never see this Moab again. Right?

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