A Tale of Love and Fire
  • Author: Maet Yael Or
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Tale of Love and Fire

She must save the physical world. But before she can do that – she has to save her soul.

Our world is built on two opposites – Love, and War.

Zyo8 is a Pure Soul, gifted with mental powers and abilities beyond comprehension. Just like all other Perfect Souls, Zyo8’s mission is to reincarnate into our world, and develop her skills by finding and overcoming her soul’s inner conflicts. Under the tutelage of her Eternal Master, Zyo8 shows great promise… If she can just keep her ego in check.

When the physical world is enslaved by corporeal whims and desires, a group of Pure Souls dubbed the First Mission is sent down to rectify humanity’s path. But as contact with the First Mission is lost, Zyo8’s potential is finally put to the test: rescue the First Mission, save humanity – and find the true meaning of Love and freedom.

A Tale of Love and Fire is a fast-paced adventure with an innovative story and charismatic characters that take readers on a journey of the discovery of the soul.

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