A Tale of a Soul

A Tale of a Soul

If a soul could speak, what would it say? A first-of-its-kind book that tells the story of a soul’s existence.

This extraordinary novel portrays the entire lifespan of a soul, from the moment of its creation, through its physical incarnations and its time in the afterlife, until this day. This is the tale of a soul, rich with fascinating information about experiences from the hidden parts of the universe, as well as significant lifetimes and their various lessons.

The soul describes its history since the wonderful moment when it was drawn from the light of creation until its arrival in the material world in its first incarnation in the time of the early humans. It relates its journey and development throughout the 17 thousand years of Earth, the evolution of human society, the creation plan of the world itself, the future of humanity, and the afterlife.

A fascinating and gripping story, which enriches its readers with knowledge about the esoteric existence and character of spiritual beings and the connections between themselves, and describes the development of humanity interspersed with captivating stories about people throughout history.

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