A Tale of a Colony - A Jewish Historical Fiction Novel
  • Author: Jack Michonik
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

A Tale of a Colony – A Jewish Historical Fiction Novel

1960s, Lárida. In the tight-knit Jewish Latin American community of Lárida, everyone knows everyone and nobody’s business is their own. León Edri’s own history as an immigrant has taught him the importance of belonging to a community, and in his well-respected family, their Jewish heritage is above all else.

But among the younger generation of the little colony, heritage and history make way for other more important concerns, like independence. And love.

The colony is very important to León – but how much of what happens in it is he privy to? Even between his very own walls?

When forbidden love affairs and criminal pasts come to the surface, and the fractures in the façade begin to grow, Leon and the leaders of the community will have to face reality and accept, once and for all, the ultimate fate of their colony.

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