A Change of Tune by Ossi Tajer
  • Author: Ossi Tajer
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

A Change of Tune

A disabled war veteran finds peace through music in this powerfully emotional story of comradery and compassion.


As Benny returns home from the rehabilitation ward that treated his war injuries, he cannot help but feel lost – lost without his ward brothers, lost inside his broken, disabled body, but mostly lost without his music: that singular part of his identity that was replaced by feelings of anger, guilt, and regret.

Between agonizing glances from his war-widowed mother to his fizzling relationship with his girlfriend, Benny’s acclimation to his new situation as a disabled veteran has been far from smooth. With his entire life hanging on literal crutches, his only escape is the hours he spends back at the hospital ward with his former squad mates, who desperately want to see him change his tune and return to playing music for a living. But how can Benny possibly go back to those blissful days when he cannot even bring himself to pick up his guitar?

But as the idea of an all-veteran band of brothers starts to take form, Benny draws more and more veterans to his cause, each coping with their unique battles. Each new song they create feels like another wound is closed in their hearts. And when one of their songs unexpectedly catches some public attention, Benny starts to wonder – can music mend all the broken pieces of his life, and give him the second chance he never thought he’d have?

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